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“Kevin, don’t do that,” Sheryl nagged. That was the third time she insisted, but he couldn’t keep his curiosity in check, so he knelt on the couch, staring out the living room window. “I’m sorry, it’s just that everything’s been freaky lately. The news keeps reporting about human and robot violence, and they keep telling people to stay safe at home.” Kevin turned to Sheryl, who was watching those news reports. “That’s why I keep telling you not to look out the window. You’re going to bring us attention. It’s better if we just watch a movie and relax. This will die down soon. It always does.” Kevin bit his lower lip. “How can you be sure they won’t come? It’s not like we’re a secret. You know people frown upon robots dating humans. Even our families don’t really approve of us.” Sheryl rolled her eyes and dragged him into […]

The News Reports

It’s been a while since I wrote anything regarding my process in writing these things, so I thought, “hey why not?” I think that for the past week, I’ve been on a weird sci-fi mood, especially concerning robots and the such. With this story, I now have three similarly themes ones, with Injustice and The Cost of Happiness. I’ll admit that I’m kinda happy with them, mostly because those specific stories have received quite the positive feedback (especially Injustice, which makes me super darn happy). This is kinda why I feel like I should seriously talk about these stories. A while back I mentioned (I don’t remember what post it was) that I liked science fiction because it allowed me to be political without being “in your face,” and I’ve decided to really explore the metaphors through these stories. The first one, The cost of Happiness is my “race” one, […]

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