Daily Archives: September 8, 2018

William opened his eyes to an unfamiliar red hue. His entire body sore, he looked around momentarily in complete confusion. What? Where am I? A few feet from him, there was a building’s wall, a trashcan, and a bunch of bags. He lay against a wet brick wall covered. In fact, he sat in a pool of water on the cement. It had rained recently. An alley? God, he couldn’t remember what had happened. Had he had too much to drink? No, he had stopped that ever since he’d almost gotten fired from the force. And what the hell was the red hue to everything? His eyes burned, and he tried to rub his eyes with his hands, but the moment he tried, metal hit glass. What the hell? It took a moment to register, but when it did, his heart rate shot up, a beeping noise rang on his […]

The Curse