Daily Archives: September 4, 2018

She held her breath, the cold metal of the locker against her back, but the cut on her side made it hard. Her heart raced, and her vision blurred. That thing, whatever it was, hunted them. It had already killed all of her friends. The room filled with an awful smell, something like rotten eggs, and the thing slowly made its way into the room. A thick smoke, rolling almost like water on the floor. God, the scent it gave twisted her insides, giving her an intense desire to scream. That’s how it had gotten some of the others. They hadn’t been able to hold it. She covered her mouth and bit one of her fingers, drawing blood. Her eyes teared, and her entire body shook. The thing looked like it floated, the smoke like a black veil dragged on the floor. She couldn’t see anything of its body, only […]

Don’t Scream