It’s been a while since I wrote anything regarding my process in writing these things, so I thought, “hey why not?” I think that for the past week, I’ve been on a weird sci-fi mood, especially concerning robots and the such. With this story, I now have three similarly themes ones, with Injustice and The Cost of Happiness. I’ll admit that I’m kinda happy with them, mostly because those specific stories have received quite the positive feedback (especially Injustice, which makes me super darn happy). This is kinda why I feel like I should seriously talk about these stories. A while back I mentioned (I don’t remember what post it was) that I liked science fiction because it allowed me to be political without being “in your face,” and I’ve decided to really explore the metaphors through these stories. The first one, The cost of Happiness is my “race” one, […]

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Okay, so this one is actually very special to me. I know that it doesn’t have much of a story or plot or anything else. But let me explain… A few years ago I wrote a book. Yup, I wrote a book of about 400 pages. I personally still can’t believe it, but it had one major problem. The ending sucked. It just kinda…ended, and I had no idea why or how to fix it. Fast forward to now. It’s been years that I wrote that thing, and it’s been in the back of my head for just as long. In a way, it feels like my “white whale.” I’m constantly trying to figure out how to write that book and how to finish it. I have good ideas for it, but when it comes to the story, the character of Jack simply refuses to want to participate. Yeah…It’s one […]

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First, as usual, I want to link to the source of the prompt for this story, and yes, it’s from the same one I’ve been using: Writing-Prompt-S from tumblr. Secondly, for this one I did the same thing I mentioned a few days ago. I wanted to leave the world building be the “scar on the wall.” I threw in some details here and there, hoping that it would create enough world building without hampering the characters. My real challenge was in writing some description. One of the things that I hate about some authors is just how much they love to spend time describing female characters as if they were some weird art to be appreciated. I guess you can call that the man-gaze or whatever. Personally, I call it bad POV writing. So instead, I just focused on trying to have a close third person with Minerva, and […]

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I will be one hundred and ten percent frank here. When I read this prompt, I though, "well this sounds like that one movie called 'Timer,'" which I'm sure that no one has really heard about (bad research from my part shows that no one I know has ever seen that movie, therefore no one has)...

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So, I thought it would be nice to accompany some ideas along with whatever fiction I post. I used to do it inside of the story posts before, but maybe it’s better to actually separate them to save me the trouble of creating a page for the story for archive purposes. So, for some reason, I really don’t have any real ideas why Jean Clarke Oliver has always been one of those little weird characters that sticks forever in my head. I’ve written scenes and other stories about him or related to him. I guess there’s just something cool about a little robot who is somehow conscious. Now, this last post, “Star,” feels a lot more like the beginning of a longer story, which is usually my issue. I’m absolutely terrible at writing self-contained short fiction, and it’s one of the skills I’m going to try to develop here. It’s […]

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