on Birthday

Okay, so this one is actually very special to me. I know that it doesn’t have much of a story or plot or anything else.

But let me explain…

A few years ago I wrote a book. Yup, I wrote a book of about 400 pages. I personally still can’t believe it, but it had one major problem. The ending sucked. It just kinda…ended, and I had no idea why or how to fix it.

Fast forward to now. It’s been years that I wrote that thing, and it’s been in the back of my head for just as long. In a way, it feels like my “white whale.” I’m constantly trying to figure out how to write that book and how to finish it. I have good ideas for it, but when it comes to the story, the character of Jack simply refuses to want to participate.

Yeah…It’s one of those stories where the writer says their character hijacked the story. And, well, he kinda did. Every time that I tried to put him in a situation, he’d find a way to get himself out of it and not care about anyone else (maybe that’s meant to be his story arch?).

Okay, I’m rambling, so let me come out and say it. This story is special to me because it’s an attempt to go back to this character and this world. I really want to revise this book and try to get it published, but I feel like I’ve been gone for so long that I don’t even remember the character very well. That’s why I might throw in random little one-shots like this where he does something, even if it doesn’t change him. I’m not entirely interested in creating a complete story for him in these. Instead, I just want to explore his character a little and see what he does.

Aaaand, I sound like a madman. Maybe it’s the time. I’m posting this super late in comparison to the other stories. So instead of saying so long until next time, I’ll say;

Good night!