on “Too Late”

I don’t remember if I read it online or if it was taught in one of my classes, but I once heard this idea that “the scars on the wall” tell the story of the past. So I always think about little details that I can add to a story that somehow add a deeper history that makes it both more interesting and enjoyable.

It also reminds me of a moment I had with my friends and one of our mentors at a writing program. We ate pizza and drank, kinda celebrating the end of the quarter. At one point, I noticed that someone in the table needed a napkin. They didn’t ask for it, and (to be honest I don’t remember exactly what were the queues they gave to show they needed one, but I grabbed one and handed it to them without saying a word.

My professor noticed and pointed at the napkin and said, “you’re a writer.”

I know that he meant that I had a weird eye for detail. And yes, over the years I’ve come to realize that I noticed more stuff about things than most people do. I notice quirks, marks, little designs, and I like to bring them in my stories when I can.

Sure, I don’t think I do a great job at bringing this into my writing. I tend to forget as I focus way too much on the plot instead of detail. That’s why I’ve seen details as a great weakness in my writing.

For this story (which by the way, it was another prompt-base story from this tumblr right here: Writing-prompt-s), I tried my best to attempt to add some of those details and make them work. Just little things that paid off towards the end. Now, I know I just finished writing this, and I always have a honey moon phase with fresh writing, but I feel proud of it.

Hopefully you find it enjoyable, at least as much as I found it enjoyable to write it.

Till next time!