on Revolution

It’s been a while since I wrote anything regarding my process in writing these things, so I thought, “hey why not?”

I think that for the past week, I’ve been on a weird sci-fi mood, especially concerning robots and the such. With this story, I now have three similarly themes ones, with Injustice and The Cost of Happiness.

I’ll admit that I’m kinda happy with them, mostly because those specific stories have received quite the positive feedback (especially Injustice, which makes me super darn happy).

This is kinda why I feel like I should seriously talk about these stories.

A while back I mentioned (I don’t remember what post it was) that I liked science fiction because it allowed me to be political without being “in your face,” and I’ve decided to really explore the metaphors through these stories.

The first one, The cost of Happiness is my “race” one, in which I tried to highlight some of the way that we, minorities, are vilified by some people. I mean, just look at how Trump has made all of us Mexicans seem like criminals and crooks (sighs loudly). So that’s where that story came from. I guess it was partially from a place of anger.

The second story, as I wrote it anyway, was supposed to be kinda like the experience LGBTQ+ people might have with a similar hate group as the one depicted in the story above. And honestly, I wrote this story with the most anger because I know for a fact this is shit that happens now because of the whole “having a bigot” for president.

This last one though is a weird one. I know it will come as a complete 180, and that might put people off. But before anyone goes on saying I’m attacking anyone, I based this one on historical stuff in regards to race. Sure, I threw in some other random details because “why not screw with preconceptions” but it was all on the concept on “us vs them.” Even nowadays we have groups that are violent…even though they’re supposed to be the “good guys.” So it kinda fits. The world, sadly, is not black and white.

But anyway, I don’t know how much more I will push these robot stories. Maybe I’ll keep messing around with this world to try and create some sort of longer story set in it. It sounds fun anyway, and I’m enjoying my work with them.

Anyway, with that, I sign off until next time.