Daily Archives: September 11, 2018

Sheryl watched TV and read the news on her phone. Lately, everything seemed to be in silence. She scrolled and scrolled, yet all she saw was news about new electronics, a huge scandal about some actor sleeping with a robot, and some bullshit the president said. Ominous, she thought as she locked her phone and set it aside. Why had the news suddenly dropped all the coverage from the violence lately? Just last week some poor couple had almost been killed at a parking lot, and it had been all over the news. No one ever found who did it. Seemed like whoever did it had made sure that their memories had been damaged enough that there was no visual record. When Kevin had heard, he’d raged, and wanted to join a violent activist group called “The Roses.” Sheryl had convinced him not to, but he complained every day, saying […]

The Cost of Happiness – Anxiety