Daily Archives: October 17, 2016

When I came up with the “not writing advice” series, I had one idea in mind for it. I want to talk about the things no one really tells you about writing. And, this is probably one of the biggest things no one ever brings up. No one talks about it. Some don’t even acknowledge it. Writing isolates you. It doesn’t sound that bad until you start to consider relationships. And, I don’t mean just romantic ones. Yes, those probably take the biggest hits, but all relationships take a hit. Friends, family, and acquaintances, writing compromises all of these relationships because it forces the person into a relationship with the page. It’s as if all writers had a jealous and clingy lover that snared them into a small room with them all the time. This reaps all of the writer’s free time and can push people away. Ultimately, this can […]

Not Writing Advice: Isolation