Daily Archives: October 21, 2016

An old nameless vagrant looked over the edge of a bridge, a sea of cars flowing like water in a river. His clothes were stained with their original owner’s history, a story the homeless man would never know though he fantasized about it. He wore his hair clean, unlike many of the others like him, and took pride in what little he had left, the thin strands combed over the beginning signs of baldness. “Jump,” a man in an all-white suit said. The old homeless man closed his eyes and climbed over the ledge, feeling the wind on his face, the magical breeze giving life to his worn trench coat. “You were not meant to be born,” the man in white said. The vagrant thought about it, realizing how very true it was. In a distant memory, his mother held him by his hand, guiding him through a large group […]

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