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Source: The Page Never Forgets – Revising a Story A few days ago I mentioned that I’ve been wanting to work on a web novel, but to get to it would depend on how fast I finish my current project(s). Well, I’m not going to talk about that web novel…But I wanted to talk a little about my current project… About two…or maybe three…years at this point, I wrote The Page Never Forgets, a short story about a stalker and the power they had over another person’s mind through a journal. I remember liking that story quite a bit. A few months after finishing it, I got accepted into a writing program. There, the professor announced that we could submit something up to 50 pages long. I decided to go with this one. Workshop…did not respond to well. And the teacher? Well let’s say that the teacher and I had our […]

The Page Never Forgets – Revising a Story