Daily Archives: October 10, 2016

Probably the best advice, and the most obvious one, that I ever received in my writing program was: “you can’t please everyone.” I got it because after workshop, I’d revise my work and attempt to make the story good for everyone. But, the more I worked it to appease one person, another one found that “fix” problematic. The idea of a universally love product is simply insane. If you really think about it, everything out there always has a naysayer. Even some of the best things on earth have hater. Like pizza. I think everyone could agree that pizza is simply the best food. There’s not competition. Yet, there’s always some jerk who hate’s life and disagrees with me. It’s the same with writing. Someone will always hate something in the work. Maybe they hate a character or a particular scene. You can’t somehow edit everything in a story to […]

Pleasing the Crowd