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I will be one hundred and ten percent frank here. When I read this prompt, I though, "well this sounds like that one movie called 'Timer,'" which I'm sure that no one has really heard about (bad research from my part shows that no one I know has ever seen that movie, therefore no one has)...

on Soul Seeker

She didn’t give it too much thought at the time because she was too worried. Her grandmother, having fallen ill two years ago, had given her an old rusty key. Since then, it had become like a safety blanket, something she kept in her pocket at all times. She felt it brought her calm when she was about to break. Now that Grandmother had actually died, the key had become indispensable.  It had been a long week after the funeral. People had come in and out of Grandmother’s home, and she’d had to smile throughout all of it. Ever since mother had passed, she was the only one left living in the area, and the only one who’d taken care of Grandmother, so the responsibility had naturally fallen on her. Yet she did everything, trying to act like Grandmother would have acted in this situation. She reassured crying family members, […]