Flash Fiction

Flash fiction: a style of fictional literature or fiction of extreme brevity. There is no widely accepted definition of the length of the category. Some self-described markets for flash fiction impose caps as low as three hundred words, while others consider stories as long as a thousand words to be flash fiction.


Sincerely, when I began this blog, I wished to focus more on writing short stories because I personally enjoy longer work. However, updating daily makes it extremely difficult to create meaty fiction, which is why I started to work more on Flash Fiction. For the longest time, I’ve felt this is actually a weakness of mine, often leaning towards the longer projects. But as I write more and more of these, most of this blog dedicated to this now, I feel I’m getting the hang of it.

On the right hand side, you should be able to find a nice list of my One-Shot Flash Fiction. In other words, all of those stories are stand alone and do not need any other background or set up. Enjoy!

[update] I realize the menu to the right is getting ridiculous now, the stories going so far down it is terrible. I’m still not sure what to do. I can’t seem to center the list onto this area (apparently wordpress assigns this specific section to the post; so unless I were to list out links on this post, it’s pretty much impossible). I will let it go crazy for a little longer until I come up with some fix.