on a break

2016-02-14 04.48.51Hello! If you’re someone who saw my old page, or came from a different website (following a link from an old post), I wanted to catch you up. You might notice that all the fiction and all the other goodies I had are pretty much all gone. I’m working on bringing back some of it, though with a little more care. A while back I made a post to announce a break (which is why I now use the picture for this particular page); and well, I’m still on a break, but I want to make a return.

As of right now, I’m finishing up my MFA in Fiction, which is holding my attention hostage, but I promise to make a full return once that’s done.

But that doesn’t answer why all my old stuff is gone, I know. I apologize for taking all that down although it was such a large catalog. As I mentioned a few lines up, I want to bring back a lot of that with care and passion. When I originally uploaded many of those stories, they were first drafts and very rough, which meant I was putting out sub-par content for good readers. So, I want to go back to it and make it even better before I start updating this page. So, for now, this page is primarily personal information page. Nevertheless, please feel free to contact me HERE.