NaNoWriMo Day 3 – A Real Update

[Day: 03/30 & Words: 5,000/50,000]

Over the last two days, most of my NaNoWriMo updates haven’t really been connected to my actual progress, so I wanted to take today and actually give a proper update.

For this November, I decided to continue working on an old project of mine called “The Black Symphony.” Technically, I had already started this novel back in July and written about 30,000 words (a little more, but I can’t remember) for camp NaNoWriMo, but I decided that this November would be a good chance to actually finish the novel.

I know that NaNoWriMo technically asks for 2 things I’m going against. I’m supposed to write a new novel, and I’m supposed to write 50,000 words for it. But, to be honest, novels are not really that length. That’s just a little over a novella, barely enough to classify as a novel. So, I decided to go a little rogue with this challenge.

I’m actually not writing 50k. I’m writing 60k. At least, that’s the goal. Why though?

As I said, 50k is not quite the traditional length of a novel, especially within the genre I’m aiming for. How would you feel if you paid 10 dollars for a 190 page book? You’d be a little cheated. Those extra 40k that I’m doing are supposed to fight that. That’s why I’m using July’s camp nano novel. With those 30k, plus this month’s 60k, I should have the right length novel.

So, I should say that the number above…is not quite the right number I’m supposed to write a day if I want to hit 60k, nor are they the amount I actually have (that number up there is mostly for the people keeping up with NaNoWriMo).

At this point, I am currently at 38,752/90,000, and I’m somewhere at the end of the first big turn, around “halfway” through the book where a lot of bad things are happening. The MC has had a life altering experience, something that will follow him throughout the rest of the novel and past into the future (here’s hopes that I can write a sequel eventually). And, the villain has just made his escape.

I’ll probably be posting excerpts in the future, especially because “Fiction Friday,” from my end, will pause for a moment this month. It’s a bit hard to write a flash fiction story when you’re working on a novel full time! But, I believe my colleagues on will carry that spirit well.

Anyway, to all you people working through NaNo, I wish you all the best of luck!