NaNoWriMo – One Minute to Midnight

Yup, look at it. The clock. It’s right on the cusp. We are here…The NaNoWriMo is coming…


Throughout the month, I’ve been talking about my project, and how I worked on the outline for the chapters I’ll be writing, but I never talked about something else (though to be fair, I was given the idea to do this fairly recently). For this month, I decided to start this thing called a “bullet journal” because the best person in the world started one, and she totally inspired me to make one…but, when I say make one, I really do. So, this entry will be a little of a dual topic.

Yes, I started the current blogger fad known as the bullet journal. I started it today, prepping the whole journal so it goes forward. However, it’s too early for me to really talk about it and say whether or not it’s useful. But, I’m going to be using that to keep track of my usual things and NaNoWriMo. I’ll need the organization this month considering everything I’ve got to do.

However, what I really wanted to mention was the “make” part. You see, I’m a hipster in some ways. I can’t just buy a journal. That just isn’t right. Nah. Instead, I got to make one. And so, since I thought it would be sort of cool to have a journal specially made for this month, I set of to make one! Which, you can totally see on the bottom. Good luck to everyone working on NaNoWriMo 2016!