NWA – Groups

Okay, so. Originally, I meant the Not Writing Advice as a section of my blog to compare different clashing writing advice, but it slowly evolved into a slightly rant-like idea in my head. Now, I keep thinking about this as a “the crap that comes along writing that writers never talk about.” And I mean it. There’s just so much that writers never talk about.

For example, no one ever brings up just how difficult it is to find a writing group in person.

Yes, I know you can go online and find all sorts of communities. I’ve met a lot of people through NaNoWriMo, and even met some important people in my life through other writing online communities. But, I want to clarify. I’m talking about groups of people in person, the types of groups you go to and meet with the people. Something like a workshop in a school or college. I guess I finally realized it that finding a group of writers who are both consistent and near you is the hardest thing a writer can do.

I should add that I say this from experience. I’ve tried forming writing groups many times (granted, I might just suck at putting them together), but that’s been a truth every time. The groups work for a while. People meet every week and even write every week. However, over time, usually a month or two, one person stops showing, and then the other people stop until nothing remains.

No one ever talks about it. Maybe it’s because it’s something expected as writers. Maybe it’s something that is just common knowledge. Yet, I never heard anyone bring it up or even mention it to me when I was just starting up.

But, I don’t bring this up just to complain and rant about how it’s too hard. I’ve long given up finding a select group of people I can meet with every week and talk about writing. Honestly, I’m part of the problem nowadays since I don’t create nor share as often as I’d want to. However, I bring it up to highlight the existence of that difficulty because it’s there and no one ever brings it up.

And maybe, maybe we should bring it up. I’m not sure if complaining about it will somehow get people to get together, but I do know one thing, the reason I bring it up. I wish it weren’t like this. I wish it were easier to make a community in person. Maybe one day it’ll be something I’ll manage to create successfully and launch, a place where writers can come together and talk about it.

Ultimately I say. If you have a group or the ability to meet with a group…treasure it. Get as much out of it. Believe me, it’s worth it. Especially because writing in isolation makes it extremely difficult to grow as a writer…and having that group lets you improve as much as you allow yourself. But really. Abuse that group.