NaNoWriMo Shenanigans

See the clock? That’s 10 minutes to midnight on my count. NaNoWriMo is coming…

The first NaNoWriMo I ever participated in was way back in 2011; And since then, it has become a huge ritual every year. I put a lot of time and effort into it, the whole event being a huge push in my own work. If it weren’t for NaNoWriMo over the years, I wouldn’t have written as much as I have today. Heck, many of my projects wouldn’t even exist. That’s why I highlight it so much, and it’s also why my blog will take a shift to the “NaNoWriMo” type blogs throughout the next month.

“The Black Symphony,” a supernatural/cosmic horror/fantasy fusion about a curse placed on the Black family.

That’s why I want to sort of introduce what I’ll be working on throughout this coming month. I plan to finish one of my old projects, “The Black Symphony,” a supernatural / cosmic horror / fantasy fusion about a curse placed on the Black family. It’s told in two timelines, as it’s a curse that spans generations, and triggers big events in the world. It’s a story about a small town plagued by a strange event that’s leaving people empty vessels, their souls ripped out of their bodies. Children and adults walk around in town aimlessly, performing their routines like mindlessly until they come to a complete halt. The relatives face loss and frustrations as their once thriving tourist town shrivels and dies.

I actually started this project during the summer NaNoWriMo (which is known as “Camp NaNoWriMo”), so at this point the project is at 30,000 words, about one third of the novel done. Theoretically, looking at my previous writing projects and how I write chapters, I’m looking at somewhere between 60-70,000 more words I need to do to finish this novel based on the current outlines, and I plan to try my best to finish the novel this NaNoWriMo.

It’s a big goal. The most I’ve ever written for this type of writing events has been about 60,000 words or so, and that was writing 2,000 words or more a day. But, it doesn’t mean it’s impossible. I’ll be updating this blog with my progress throughout the month, and by the end I’ll have a record showing my success. At least, that’s what I’m hoping for.

As for now though, I’m currently working on mapping out the plot along with some specific world details that need ironing out. I do have short outlines that I created back in July, but the first run at this novel back in July mostly built a lot of the main cast and set up the present timeline, but did not develop the past timeline, which is proving to be a little harder to create. There’s just too much world development in that section of the novel, so I might need to expand and resize.

But, those ten minutes on the clock are still good. I have 10 more days, 11 if I include today, to work on this plot and get it done. Hopefully, I can go ahead and create a comprehensive outline for this novel…something akin a treatment for the novel in the next week.

How about you? Are you participating this month!? Let me know! I’m creating sort of a “blog” list for me to follow and check out progress throughout the month. I love interacting with the community whenever possible!