Some time ago, I posted on the idea that “someone would always dislike your writing.” And although that is pretty true considering how varied the world is, the reverse is also true. Someone out there will find your writing interesting, so there’s no reason to give up if there isn’t an audience yet.

Though not universal, writing is a collection of shared experiences. Maybe you’re writing about an alien who is unlike the other aliens, so they’re cast aside. Someone will connect to that, maybe even identify. See, that’s the thing about stories that are told from the heart. They tend to be real in one way or another. So, maybe the story will not be the next American novel, but it will help someone. Maybe it teaches people that they’re not alone. That’s the real point to writing. So as long as the story is honest and sincere from the writer, someone will connect.

It’s very much like the first book anyone connects with. I mean, every reader has one of these, and that means all writers have it—that first book that compelled them to take a blank page and defile it with horrible scribbles at first. For me, it was Ender’s Game. Sure, sure. I’m not a kid in space learning to fight aliens, but I was in the perfect mindset for that book. I felt like I was being tossed into a battlefield at that age. Hell, I think we all did. So, it worked.

And, that’s the magic of writing, and why it matters that every writer finishes their book. That story, whatever it ends up being, can be the Ender’s Game to someone else. So, write your book. Don’t ever give up. There is an audience for it, and the audience will eventually get to it.