September 29, 2016

So I just posted on the other website, sort of updating on what’s going on over there, but that doesn’t say anything about what is going on over here!

A while back, I met with some of my writing buddies, and we came up with the idea of making a community website in order to have it be a lot more active than a blog kept by a single person. The Literati Society was born from that. That doesn’t mean, however, that I’m never posting here again. In fact, it just means everything I post there comes here. But…there will be some exclusive things here. For example, there’s three short stories on this website, which you can check out HERE! Those are not going anywhere. In fact, I am planning on updating the fiction here first, and then posting on the other place after. So, fiction comes here first…but the other posts, such as writing advice (or not writing advice), come out over there. Of course, I tend to put all these posts on tumblr, but my page there is more of a big mess of art and other crazy things (more of an unfiltered look at my horrible mind).

By the way! If you have questions, requests, or anything when it comes to topics, let me know! You can catch me through the contact page here (and if you’re on tumblr, just reply on the posts! I do look at them 😀

Catch you all soon!