Daily Archives: April 20, 2016

Jean Clarke Oliver was small, much smaller than the rest of the people in the Tempus University, which made him feel strange as he walked down the hall, dragging a mop twice his height and a bucket full of water. Although he didn’t mind having to look up to people when he talked to them, he did hate how some people treated him because of his height. Students walked right by, never even saying a hello, and the faculty mostly did the same, some ignoring him completely while some others said hello but never held a conversation longer than a minute. Still, he did not complain. Jean dragged the mop everywhere, following the strict schedule set by the school. In the morning, he dragged the mop through the main hallway, making sure to leave the entire place spotless. In the afternoon, he cleaned the windows; and in the evening, during […]

Jean Clarke Oliver