Okay, so I wanted to add this for a while, but I had some work to do on this website before I could…First, some quick context: A while back (last December, if I remember right), I read as part of my MFA class on the school’s radio. For it, I read Knock Knock Knock, a short “horror” story (I put it in quotes because I’m not 100% it hits all the horror check boxes). Back when I did the recording, this website was still in its old version, so I had all of my old flash fiction pieces up (which I’m slowly restoring, though revising them before putting them up). That’s why the host mentions over 300 samples free of charge. Sadly, as of the date of this post, there’s only three…But, I do plan on getting those up soon! On a side note, I will actually do a proper […]

Coyote Radio – MFA Reading (Knock Knock Knock)