Science Fiction

“Why are you doing this to me?” Philip said. William tightened his grip on his the knife. “I do it because it has to be done.” “Wouldn’t it be easier to just kill me?” “Kill you?” William shouted and slammed the knife at full force into Philip’s leg, and Philip screamed in pain. “Scream all you want,” William said. “No one will care here.” William exhaled as if he’d done a good job. Philip shook in his seat, his hands tied behind him. The room was small, an old house off to the east of the city, one of the abandoned homes that were nearly falling apart. William had picked this spot because most people on the east side were like him. They hated what had become of the city because of Philip’s kind. But William was slightly different. Unlike many of the useless people on the east side, he […]

The Cost of Happiness

It was as if he lost all of his body heat through his eyes. A sight? As one of the leading researchers in the medical field, he never expected that a mere display could freeze him on the spot. Rows. Racks. Cattle had it better. At least, the animals were dead as they hung from their hooks. It seemed they were not as kind to humans as humans were to animals. “Get your shit together, doctor!” the single soldier sent to accompany him said. The doctor blinked quickly, as he snapped back to reality. That was true. He was here for a reason, not just to be shocked by the image of laboratory human experiments. They were supposed to find out why they had suddenly left earth and opened the doors to their special quarantined floor. “I’m sorry. Let’s go,” the doctor said. Leading, the doctor walked across the main […]


When Jean saw her for the first time, he nearly froze, a hiccup in his mind, but let it go as a passing glitch. A janitor, after all, never stood a chance with an actual Tempus University student. However, when he saw her a second time, he could no longer lie to himself. It wasn’t just his programming. So, for the next two weeks, he kept “bumping” into her, trying to play it off as a coincidence though it was an excuse to say hello, talk for a bit, and learn more about her, bolstering his obsession. Her name was Estrella Fuentes, an engineering student, one of the best. She kept her hair short, styled to the left, and wore a flower behind her ear every day. But what caught Jean’s attention more was how she changed the flower depending on what she wore, making every day exciting. In the […]


Jean Clarke Oliver was small, much smaller than the rest of the people in the Tempus University, which made him feel strange as he walked down the hall, dragging a mop twice his height and a bucket full of water. Although he didn’t mind having to look up to people when he talked to them, he did hate how some people treated him because of his height. Students walked right by, never even saying a hello, and the faculty mostly did the same, some ignoring him completely while some others said hello but never held a conversation longer than a minute. Still, he did not complain. Jean dragged the mop everywhere, following the strict schedule set by the school. In the morning, he dragged the mop through the main hallway, making sure to leave the entire place spotless. In the afternoon, he cleaned the windows; and in the evening, during […]

Jean Clarke Oliver