fast paced with a focus on movement

She took a deep breath, remembering the hours of meditation she’d accumulated over the years. Everything was going to be okay. She’d done this many times. But what if mess up. I always mess up. No, that’s an intrusive thought. Her eyes closed, she pressed the palms of her hands together, as if praying, and whispered, “I am the master of my thoughts.” She smiled, regaining control of her thoughts. She stood at the top of a building, looking down at around 60 feet or so. From there, she looked through a pair of binoculars, looking around the area. This was her nightly routine ever since she discovered her powers. She was 16 when they manifested, and to this day she had no idea if the age was of any importance. On that day, she sat in the cafeteria when the self-proclaimed hottest guy of the school came up to […]

A Super Hero Thing – Pathos