Fiction and nerd culture, the two pillars that support this website, might seem to be an eclectic combination, but they coexist with each other perfectly. Fiction lies in everything nerds consume. It lies in comics, novels, and video games. These are artistic mediums that share many things in common, but they share the most important aspect of fiction: telling an engaging story.

Edgar Hernandez writes, edits, and manages Raven Apotheosis. Therefore, this website serves as one more thing: his journey through this wonderful experience we call life. He seeks to create an inclusive and inviting hub of conversation and development.

Join this website from its conception to its apotheosis.

Edgar Hernandez earned his MA in literature from La Sierra University and his MFA in Fiction at CSUSB.

Born in the urban desert known as Mexicali and raised in the small town on the other side of the US border, Calexico, Edgar now resides in Riverside, where he works as an English adjunct professor, teaching both ESL and freshmen composition courses.

Edgar is also an avid writer, publishing his work on his website, much of it focusing on science fiction and fantasy, all of which bleeds into his day-to-day basis, explaining his current ability to perform some small magical feats and fold space and time.